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Handy apps to help you reduce your food waste

Currently there are a variety of different food based apps available which are free to download! They aim to help reduce our food waste and build food sharing communities. Whether its a wrap, burger or drinks, some of these food and drink based sharing apps offer you quality food for free! Helping your pocket whilst reducing our community food waste.

It is important to reduce our food waste as it's not just the food itself that goes to waste, it’s all the resources that went into making it, from water to land and labour. When wasted, food has a harmful effect on the environment; it’s responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change! 

Here is a list of all the current apps available to use in London:

OLIO - Empowers neighbours to post, and claim, extra food.

It is based on people signing up to offer their unwanted food surplus to their local community – think Freecycle for food.  Although, the majority of items on Olio come from people emptying out their store cupboards, major supermarkets and retailers such as Pret a Manger, as well as many independent cafes, bakeries and shops have now jumped on board to offer up leftovers at the end of the day. Volunteers collect any spare food from these stores and list it on the app (you collect food from the volunteers rather than the stores themselves). 


Too Good To Go offers what we like to call 'Magic Bags'. The Magic bags contains delicious, perfectly edible food that stores and restaurants have to throw out at the end of the day. Some great examples of this unsold food is from bakeries that have to bake fresh everyday or restaurants that didn’t sell all the food they had prepared. However, you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until you pick it up from the volunteers!

Karma - Reuse Unsold Food

Started in 2016 this Swedish food waste app and made its debut in London February this year. It is currently signed up more than 350 restaurants in the capital, such as Caravan, K10, Taylor St Baristas, Ned’s Noodle Bar and Detox Kitchen. The app allows users to buy surplus food that would otherwise go to waste at a high discounted price. Helping you save money and reduce waste!

Kitche - Food waste in the home. Kitche it, not ditch it.

Kitche has a different approach to tackling food waste as it focuses on individual food waste within the home, which is the largest source of waste. This is achieved by the app scanning receipts of your shop. The app then designs recipe ideas/plans based on what you buy so you can tackle your individual food waste. The app also sends the users notifications to remind them what perishable products are about to go off which is key to reducing food waste.

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