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7 Perfect pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms in and around London

Pick-your-own farms are not only sustainable as it reduces individual’s plastic waste output, but it is also a fun outdoor activity for the family.

Though, there are two main rules to always keep in mind when attending pick-your-own fruit and veg farms. The first is to not eat any fruit or veg during the time of picking as all must be weighed at the end before consumption. The second is to always check to see what produce is available to pick before you visit.

Now you are ready to go!

These are the current locations of a few farms:

1. Parkside Farm:

Parkside Farm

Hadley Road




This pick-your-own fruit farm is located in the borough of Enfield, just a 25-minute walk from Gordon Hill Station. The farm grows a variety of 20 different crops across its 40-acres, such as strawberries, sweetcorn and courgettes. Though, do call ahead to check the crop availability for the day. The minimum spend is £4 per person and debit cards are accepted so there is no need to worry about bringing cash! Also, containers are available, but it is encouraged to bring your own re-useable containers to reduce plastic waste. They also sell homemade honey.

Opening times are 9am-5.30pm every Tuesday to Saturday with last entry by 4.30pm. Sundays are variable depending on crop availability (call on Saturday evenings to check). From June-October.

2. Hewitts Farm:

Court Rd




Located in Kent, this 78-acre farm also grows a plethora of both fruit and vegetables.

Opening hours are every Monday - Sunday: 9am to 5.30pm (Last entry: weekends 4pm, weekdays: 4.30pm). The farm is open every day throughout the year, with exception for a few days over the Christmas and new year period.

3. Crockford Bridge Farm:

New Haw Road



KT15 2BU

This 80-acres pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm is located in West Surrey. On-site there is also has a gelateria for ices available, homemade with their own fruits which can be purchased after being picked.

The opening hours range from: Mon - Fri: 10am to 6pm, Sat: 9am to 6pm, Sun: 10am to 5pm and last entry is 30mins before closing time.

4. Stanhill Farm:

Birchwood Road




This pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm is run by two brothers, with 150-acres of land located in Kent. The farm grows a variety of 20-30 different fruit and vegetables, the crops you’ll be able to find are runner beans, beetroots, sweetcorn, tomatoes and courgettes. The farm also has a huge farm which is created by creating paths into maize fields, which makes this farm very family friendly atmosphere for an ideal fun family day out.

Opening hours for the farm are Monday – Saturday are 9am-5pm with last entry at 5pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays are 10am-3.30pm with last entry for 3.30pm.

5. Garsons Farm:

Winterdown Rd



KT10 8LS

The family run pick-your-own farm is located in Surrey, with plenty of summer berries and vegetables fields. As well as apple orchards too! A farm shop is also present so you can also enjoy a picnic on the designated field by the river. The garden centre is also available to buy your own seeds and gardening essentials for those keen to also grow their own produce.

Opening hours are 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday and is 11am-5pm on Sundays.

6. Lathcoats Farm:

Beehive Ln

Great Baddow



The season for pick-your-own fruit and vegetables starts from mid-June till the end of September but please check before you go. Payment is only cash and cheques, so do make sure to bring enough cash! There is also a farm shop which is open throughout the year which sells other fruit and vegetables as well as homemade goods.

Opening times are Monday-Thursday an Saturdays are 9am-5pm, Fridays are 9am-6pm and Sundays are 10am to 4pm.

7. Copas Farm PYO:

Calves Lane Farm

Billet Lane




Located in Buckinghamshire; this farm offers strawberries, raspberries, plums, sweet corn, courgettes and French beans available for picking. There is a £4 minimum charge spend which applies, with fruit and vegetables being available at the farm shop, along with homemade apple juice. It is also important to be aware when visiting that areas surrounded by red and white tape are closed to the public. This is majorly due to crops not being ripe for picking, crops being treated, or all produce having already been picked. Furthermore, make sure to check the crop calendar for seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The opening times for the farm are Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 5pm and Friday- Sunday 10am-4pm, with last entry being one hour before closing time.

Happy picking!

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